• Emily Wallace

Melbourne's offering- a no brainer for property long term

First things first, I am originally from Tasmania and no, I can't show you the scar from where my second head was cut off.

Being from Tasmania and moving to 'the mainland' or 'the big smoke' at the age of 18, I had adult vision and a child's agenda. Moving to Melbourne was like landing in a giant's playground.

At a high level with my adult vision, I could see the well thought out work of the councils and governments, coming together to create events, programs and initiatives galore to make the community thrive. From White Night to The Food and Wine Festival and everything in between, I felt spoilt for choice!

Each suburb in the metropolitan area stands on its own two feet. Almost all have a train station and if not a train, a tram and if not a tram, a bus. Public transport has been mastered, upgraded and maintained through out the city. Tick tick tick!

In each suburb you'll find 'the strip', whether it be Ormond Road in Elwood, Smith Street in Collingwood or Burke Road in Camberwell, suburbs are well equipped with cafes, boutiques, local grocers and services. Yes, proximity to the CBD is of importance but in my opinion, buyers should be choosing where they live based on the local amenities over the distance to the CBD. For most, the CBD is a place for work, your suburb is your backyard so you want to be happy with what it offers.

When choosing that special place, what I love most about Melbourne is that no two suburbs feel the same. Every suburb has their unique identifier and quirkiness about them and just like choosing a company for cultural fit, choosing a suburb for cultural fit is just as important.

Now, I am well aware of all the negative press that has been paraded across the TV in past week or so. Headlines of Melbourne property prices set to fall to an all time low and it's like we are all bears gone into hibernation for the winter! What the media overlooked is how liveable Melbourne is.

We live in a GREAT place. Better than Tasmania if I do say so myself (don't tell my father).

I dare you to find another city that provides the same offering as our great city that is Melbourne. With an offering like no other, Melbourne property, no matter what suburb, will stand the test of time.

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